Rite Aid Rain Checks

In the past whenever Rite Aid was out of stock on a sale item that offered +UP rewards for purchasing “x” amount the raincheck would reflect that.  Apparently the stores are being told by corporate that now when they do not have a sale item a rain check can be offered for the sale price only  – no Plenti Points reflected that would have been earned had they had the stock at the time of the sale.  BUT… Rite Aid reps from customer service are saying differently. Imagine that.  But at the end of the day the store managers (at least the ones in my area) were fine with deducting PP dollars from rain check amount since customer service said to, to keep customers happy.    If you go to Rite Aid facebook page you will see several post this week of people discussing this and the rite aid reps coming on and responding. I have posted a couple of them so you can see what I mean. Rain checks are great if you don’t have the Plenti Points already earned on your card to pay for the items, it keeps your out of pocket down.  It has never bothered me in the past to get rain checks – unless I was out of that item!!

2 thoughts on “Rite Aid Rain Checks

  1. Karen LaFave

    I got a raincheck for arm and hammer crystals 3 of them . They were on sale for $1.99 I had a $1 coupon. I got the raincheck but lost it. Any way to get another? Aren’t there 2 copies when they give you a register receipt for a raincheck?

    1. Amy D Post author

      Oh no! I don’t believe you can get a copy of the raincheck. They do print a copy for their register at the time they issue you a raincheck, however I’m not certain you can get a copy – never hurts to ask. I have always been under the impression they print a second for the purposes of ordering. That was a good deal on Arm and Hammer. Been away from the computer lately so I apologize for the late response.


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