National Smart Source

What a great way to print out Smart Source Coupons.  Recently hese linksstoppedworking but now there was a little tweaking and it seems to be working again!! Yayyy!  What is REALLY cool is that as many of you know, there are different valued coupons for different markets (regions) around the US.  But with this new method we can also cheat a little a bit and see what actual coupons other markets are getting and we are able to print most of them!! This method may not match up 100% to what we get in the paper, but perhaps someday it will!

Here is a list of some other major Markets.

Cincinnati Area:       Click HERE for Cincinnati Area Shop Local coupons
Denver Area:            Click HERE for Denver Area Shop Local coupons
New Orleans Area:   Click HERE for New Orleans Area Shop Local coupons
Phoenix Area:           Click HERE for Phoenix Area Shop Local coupons
New Jersey Area:      Click HERE for New Jersey Area Shop Local coupons
Cleveland Area:        Click HERE for Cleveland Area Shop Local coupons

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