Apps & Electronic Rebates

You will see on this site and many others, references to using the apps Ibotta, Checkout51, Mobisave, SavingStar, Shopmium and Snap by Groupon .  These are free to download onto your smart phone.  I use most of these apps on a regular basis and they do pay out.  I will not purchase the items in each of the apps just because they are offered (unless of course its a money maker!) But if I have a shopping deal planned and I am purchasing the items in any or all of these apps I definitely submit it.  When you download any of these apps through the links above you will not get any ads or other annoying pop ups on your phone.  They are easy to use – simply take a photo of your receipt following the easy guide per app or if permitted connect your store card directly to app then it is done automatically and walla you will soon see your account credited with those funds.  Each app has a different payout threshold some pay instantly and will deposit right into your Paypal account while other make you reach $20 before you may choose your payout – either by check, paypal or in some cases a gift card depending on the app.

If you plan to purchase an item in any of the apps you may still use a store coupon and/or a manufacturer coupon for the item as it has no impact on these electronic rebates which is how we can often get stuff for free or even make a profit!  As an example: A while ago Rite Aid had the Ricola Cough Drops on sale @ 2/$3.00. I purchased 1 bag, used a $2.00 off 1 Rite Aid Facebook Coupon and a .75 off 1 Ricola mq, which gave me overage and since Rite Aid does not give cash back like Walmart I purchased other items I needed to absorb the overage.  Then I submitted my receipt to Snap by Groupon and received $1.00 in my account within a couple of hours.  This single purchase of Ricola was a $2.25 profit.  Some Rite Aid stores may price adjust your coupon down so it does not exceed the price of the item but not all, so your mileage may vary.  My local store is great and has great employees!

I also submit a lot of mail in rebates but that will be another story!

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