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LogoI should take the time to explain why shopping at Rite Aid is so much fun for.   First get yourself a Plenti Points card from the store if you don’t already have one, they are free.  And perhaps you can get a family member to let you use theirs if they don’t – I run 2 cards (used to run 4 when it was +Ups but now points are tied to a specific card and has not been worth it to me to get more cards yet)  I know there are those who use way more, but I have all I can do to keep track of 2 and I just really have only had a couple of occasions when I wish I had a couple more, so for me 2 works.  The reason for having the Plenti Points card(s) is that when you purchase specific items you will get points equal to store cash on a future purchase.  100 Plenti Points equals $1.00. These points accumulate and will not expire for 2 years after earning them and can be used after 6am the day after earning them.  I am loving the fact that they have such a long expiration date – way nicer than +Ups that expired 2 weeks after earning them.  However, I do find I am shopping the deals less because there is no reason for me to make a point of getting to Rite Aid every week or 2 to roll +Ups into more to keep them active.

Rite Aid often puts out Facebook coupons which will have print limits such as 10,000 prints (not per person but when their system says 10,000 coupons have been printed it shuts down) The Facebook coupons can be paired with a manufacturer coupon.  These also typically have a pretty short expiration date as well.
You may be able to get more than 1 print if you follow these directions.
RAFB1.  Above is a sample of what you will see when you open to print a Rite Aid Facebook coupon. If you input an address here on 1st page and print that will be the only print you will get.

RAHighlight2.  Highlight the address (URL) & right click & select copy.
3.  Next open a new tab in your browser to go to InPrivate or Incognito browsing depending on which browser you use.  It may look like the one below after you have pasted in the address you just copied into the incognito page address bar.:
Incog14.  A new screen will open that asks for your email address.   Put email address in and hit go then print your coupon and close (x) that window.
To get more prints of the same coupon reopen another new tab in your browser, again choose “Browse In Private” or “Incognito” and again right click and paste the address in the address bar (no need to copy again as your computer should remember your last copy command) and hit the go arrow or start from step 3 above.  You must use a different email address each time (family & friends addresses?).  It really makes no difference what email address you put in as long as it is valid.  Now again close (x) that window and repeat starting at step 3 using a different email address each time for as many prints as you need.

Plenti Points are store cash rewards that you receive when purchasing specific items during a sale period.  Some items only produce Plenti Points for 1 week while others run for a whole month.  You can usually tell in the flyer because it will list in small print the “good thru” date.  Also you can visit iheartriteaid.com and Erica there posts all the upcoming Rite Aid flyers for sometimes up to 3 or 4 weeks in advance so you can plan your shopping trip for the best deals.  Don’t you hate buying something this week only to see it on sale next week?  Plenti Points are attached to the specific card you used to earn them (boy I miss the +Ups rewards days haha).

Also make sure you register your card on the Rite Aid wellness Website.  You will accumulate points which you can see at the bottom of your register tape or on your online account.  Once you hit 1,000 points in a calendar year (Jan to Dec) you will get what is called “gold” pricing or 20% discount on store merchandise which is often better than the sale price!  At 500 points you are at “silver” pricing and receive a 10% discount on store merchandise.  What “pricing” status discount you have reached by December 31 you will keep for the entire following year while you build points back up for the next year (which doesn’t take long – I had 1,000 points by mid May).  If you run multiple cards I suggest keeping only a couple at gold pricing because there are occasions when you don’t want any discount when you are planning a deal. No discount??? I know – sounds weird – but you will see.

Rite Aid puts out some awesome money makers from time to time using the combination of Facebook coupons & In Ad coupons – that you cannot use together – but they each can be used with a manufacturer coupon.

It sounds like alot but once you have done it a couple of times and made a profit getting items your family needs or if not something to donate and can use that profit to get things that you really want or need spending nothing or spending nearly nothing out of pocket you will be addicted.  If you have any questions I will be happy to try and help.  Have fun!

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